Year of the Tiger Tour Wrap Up

Dear Friends,

After nearly five months in Europe visiting our E-Team members in more than 40 cities, I have at last returned to Sydney.

The 3rd quarter will be a busy one following up on the wonderful new contacts I made and continuing the good work with our existing E-Teams.

The opportunity to visit so many locations and meet with so many people in a compressed period of time has left me with some key impressions that I am keen to share with you all.


These are set out below:

1. There has never been a better time to collaborate together in the area of global mobility.

The European E-Team cities are literally teeming with people either setting up businesses or moving in for work.

Whether due to economic reasons or the conflict in Ukraine – Covid 19 is essentially a thing of the past and economies are moving again.

Entry restrictions have pretty well ceased wherever I went and apart from the conflict in Ukraine most members and potential I spoke of the belief that Expatland as market will continue to grow.

Some countries like Ireland have seen a 4% growth just in relation to expats over the last 4 years – notably this covered the 2 years during covid and expats were still moving into Ireland.

2. Our working relationship with the European Relocation Association or EuRA for short has great potential 

From 31st May to 4th June I attended the EuRA annual conference.

More than 400 delegates who work in relocation and mobility attended.

As Expatland Global Network is a member of EuRA – I had a productive time meeting my fellow members and spreading the news of how our global network works and how together we can service our core markets of small to medium enterprises and lump sum executives.

In the Relocation Industry servicing the clients directly is a variation that is developing.

By far the majority of Relocation & Moving Companies today still focus on the Corporate Market.

I received valuable feedback from some of my new friends that the space we are working on is growing strongly and more people are looking at how to capture direct expats business.

We are the only network focused on the market which is ‘end to end’.

By ‘end to end’ I mean our members of the one network can actually handle the A-Z of the move.

This is our unique advantage.

3. Kreston Global Firms have a deep appreciation of what we are doing in Expatland

Early on in the tour, I was invited to attend the UK Kreston Partners Conference in Brighton.

There I had the pleasure of meeting over a dozen Kreston tax partners from a number of UK based firms.

My interaction with Kreston firms continued in more than 30 cities and some of you will have seen photos of me with the Tiger in Kreston receptions from Lisbon to Stockholm and Bucharest to Dublin.

I am more convinced than ever that Kreston partners understand the very special opportunities their accounting firms have to gain in bound tax and accounting referrals from Group Leaders that perform – Immigration and Relocation.

The power we as Expatland can unleash by bringing Kreston members and EuRA members together is significant and ongoing

4. FIDI & Harmony remain our strong referral partners

By attending the FIDI (see Conference at Cannes in April I was able to network with over 200 attendees and present our Expatland Global Network proposition.

We were on your behalf one of the main sponsors of that conference.

Paul Bernardt, CEO of Harmony Relocation Network, kindly has introduced me to many of his members over the years and it will be a pleasure to see him in Cannes and then again in Seville at EuRA.

We will continue to Sponsor FIDI events and work closely with Harmony.

5. The Sydney E-Team leads the way

While I was on the road in Europe – I heard about the fantastic performance of our Sydney E-Team.

This is why I wanted to end with a special shout out to the Sydney E-Team led by my brother Matthew Marcarian from CST Tax, Amanda Tinner from Visa Executive and Nigel Saunders from Nuss Relocations.

Not only does the Sydney E-Team meet in person on a monthly basis but since the start of the year, there have been over 30 referrals around that E-Team in Sydney.

This level of support between each of the members of an E-Team is wonderful to see and it is the bedrock of how your business can benefit by being part of our network.

More E-Team meetings mean more communication between E-Team members which leads to more referrals.

6. City to City Zoom Meetings is what people want

One of the key pieces of feedback I got from the tour was that E-Teams want to meet each other and see who they will be referring to across the globe.

Sydney and London will shortly be meeting each other on Zoom at a date in the near future at the request of both the London Group Leaders and the Sydney Group Leaders.

We are all connected on the special Expatland Global Network Members App (which I hope you have all downloaded!!) but I am happy to host ‘City to City Webinars’ to introduce teams to each other.

Please let me know which cities you would like to meet and our team will arrange it.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any of the above points.

Best wishes,




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