Year of The Tiger Tour

The "Year of the Tiger tour" has taken off on February 20th, 2022 and will continue through March, April and May.

The tour is aimed at visiting our existing E-Teams, enrolling new members and participation in several major industry events:


  • Kreston Accounting network conference in Brighton, hosted by Liza Robbins, Kreston Global CEO;
  • FIDI conference in Cannes, 9-13 April, 2022. Expatland Global network is an official event sponsor;
  • EuRA conference in Seville, Spain, 31  May – 3 June, 2022.

So far Expatland Global Network Founder – John Marcarian – has visited London, Oxford, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona – some tour highlights in the gallery below!

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The first stop of the ‘Expatland - Year of The Tiger Tour’ was at James Cowper Kreston office in London.

John met with London E-Team and discussed the ways London E-Team can help expats moving to London.

In Dublin John met with Luke Prendergast from Kreston BFCD.

Dublin is a dynamic expat city!
Our E-Team in Ireland has a great future.

The ‘Year of The Tiger Tour’ continues as the Expatland Global Network expands its market coverage.

In Lisbon John visited the office of Kreston Iber Audit and snaped a photo with Jaime Bastos.

Lisbon is quickly becoming an expat hub for its welcoming people, perfect climate and business community.

It is great to have Lisbon on Expatland map!

Our Madrid E-Team Group Leader Juan Piza welcomed John to the Kreston Iber Audit office.

Our Expatland Team here is in full development - Spain offers an excellent doorway to Europe.

The ‘Year of the Tiger Tour’ continues with John's trip to Kreston Iber Audit Barcelona office next.

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