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Each of our providers has been handpicked and stringently vetted to ensure they provide the best quality service.

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5 Tips About Nicosia Expats Need To Know

Cyprus is part of the European Union (EU). If you are a citizen of an EU member state then you enjoy the same rights as Cypriots when in Cyprus.

Nicosia is a popular destination amongst expats and has many expat communities that will enable you to settle right in.

Cyprus is where halloumi cheese originates. The salty goat cheese is a real treat and is commonly referred to as the “bacon of cheeses”.

The weather is very stable in Nicosia-summer seems to last forever!

The beaches in Cyprus are consistently voted amongst the best beaches in Europe.

Meet Your Cyprus Team Leader

Michael Ioannou

Michael has been an advisor to various businesses , including a number of multinational clients, since the early nineties.

He holds a number of board positions with various private companies and listed public companies on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and the AIM market in London. His extensive knowledge and experience allow him to provide valuable guidance to expats moving to Cyprus.