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Established in 1985 as an independent law firm, the firm’s founders, Bruno Hické and Anne Gervais de Lafond, have established their outstanding reputation with their expertise in labor, taxation and company law.

With more than 20 years of experience, combined with the firm’s commitment to providing top of the line business solutions, BH & Associés has developed long term and trust-based professional relationships with their French and foreign clientele, consisting of small, medium-sized and large companies in wide range of sectors.

They provide the best adapted legal and taxation support and services made possible by the firm’s technical know-how and a responsive and creative team.

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Legal for Expats Living in Paris

The French legal system is based on civil law. Unlike common law countries, where the law has evolved over the years based on prior cases heard in the courts, civil law is based on a “Code’ of law.

The basis of the French legal system is set out in a document drawn up in 1804 known as Code Civil or Code Napoleon (“Civil Code” or “Napoleonic Code”).This lays down the rights and obligations of citizens, and laws relating to such areas as property, contact and inheritance. There are other codes in France, including Code Penal, or the “Penal Code”, which sets out the criminal law.

Employment law in France is predominantly covered by the French Labour Code or Code du Travail. This provides a framework for both individuals and collective relationships between employers and employees.

French employment law also requires that any document setting out the rights and obligations of employees must be written in French. Employment disputes must also be brought before a specialised labour tribunal made up of representatives of employers and employees appointed by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Labour.

The main law in France governing trading companies is found in the French Civil and Commercial Codes. There are three main forms of trading companies, being the simplified joint stock company, the limited liability company and the classic joint stock company.

Our Paris ETeam member are fully qualified and experienced French lawyers ready to assist and guide you with all your French legal needs.