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BH & Associés

Since their establishment in 1985, BH & Associés have built themselves an outstanding reputation for their excellent advice and expertise when it comes to labour, taxation and company law.

The firm’s founders Bruno Hické and Anne Gervais de Lafond have over 20 years of experience at providing invaluable legal advice to their trusted clients, which includes French and foreign clientele.

BH & Associés assists expats in:

  • Employment legal services
  • Company law
  • Business law
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Bruno Hicke
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Legal for Expats in Paris

France is a democratic constitutional republic. The current constitution outlines the functions of the executive, legislature and judiciary. The French legal system is based on civil law, meaning that the laws are based on a “Code” of law.

Key legal tips you should know as an expat in Paris
  • Expats need to be aware that employment in France is covered by the French Labour Code, which lays out a framework for individuals and collective relationships between employers and employees.
  • French employment law requires all documents that deal with the rights and obligations of employees must be written in French, which is where a solid French legal firm can help you greatly if you don’t know the language.
  • It is advisable that expats moving to Paris prepare a will locally as existing wills may not be enforceable.
Legal  for expats establishing a business in Paris
  • It is best to seek the services of a legal provider when establishing your business to ensure it is structured correctly.
  • If you are looking to employ staff be sure to have your employment contracts drafted by a legal firm with employment law experience as there are certain conditions that need to be included in the contracts.


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