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Personal Taxation – Sydney

Moving to Sydney is an exciting prospect for many people who are attracted to stunning beaches, our laid back but enthusiastic approach to life, the tolerance and freedom of our society and the opportunities in our economy.

There is little doubt that Australia is regarded as a high taxing country.  However, for those who are able to qualify as ‘temporary residents’ Australia has some excellent tax concessions which we explain in this Personal Taxation Guide, written by Matthew Marcarian from CST Tax Advisors.

In this publication Matthew also cover the basics of Australian capital gains tax rules as they generally apply to individuals moving to Australia. In addition it covers topics such as:

  • Taxation of Worldwide Income
  • Tax Residency
  • Trusts
  • Land Tax

This publication provides a non-technical plain language guide to the questions that are commonly asked by Expats wanting to live, work and invest in Australia.

Download the publication here.