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Moving to Prague

Brimming with history and deemed one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague oozes an old-world charm. Expats will find a balanced lifestyle and many work opportunities moving to this culture rich city.

To help you move and settle into your new home city, we have assembled a team of handpicked and stingingly vetted service providers that specialise in assisting expats living in Prague.

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Top 5 tips for expats moving to Prague

Be warned. Everyone seems to be super organised and always on time in Prague so always keep to your schedule. Be sure to register with the local Foreign Police Department within 30 days of arriving in Prague.

Below are the top 5 insider tips for expats moving to Auckland.

Finding a place to live
Compared to other expats cities, Prague is a relatively smaller city. This means expats can find reasonably priced housing within 10-15 mins from the city centre. Be aware that most accommodation offered to expats will be higher priced than it would be for locals.

Getting around Prague
The public transport in Prague is very efficient, affordable, safe and clean. Given its relative size, you will be able to get anywhere in this city using the bus, tram or train network.

Access to healthcare
The public healthcare system is good for those who can access it. It is advisable that expats take out some form of private health insurance. Most doctors speak English, however, be aware that other medical staff such as nurses may only speak the local language.

Becoming part of the community
The locals generally have a deep sense of tradition and well-established social circles. Breaking into these circles could prove a challenge for newly arrived expats. The expat community in the city is growing, however, and provides the much-needed social networks for expats.

Beer vs Water
Fact. Beer is cheaper than water in Prague. And even this cheaper beer is of a high quality. If you’re not a beer drinker, prepare to become one (in some form or another).

Meet your Prague Team Leader

Ludek Bartak

Ludek is an experienced tax consultant who regularly consults to expat clients.

He understands the challenges expats face when moving to Prague.

His insight and knowledge of the local community is invaluable in providing expats moving to Prague with guidance and assistance to settle in.


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