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Welcome to Prague – we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together a team of service providers that will look after you in Prague.

Each of our providers has been handpicked and stringently vetted to ensure they provide the best quality service.

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5 Tips About Prague

Here are 5 tips expats moving to Prague should know:

Although in Europe, Prague has not adopted the Euro as their primary currency. Prague’s currency is known as the Czech Korunas.

Before commencing work in Prague, you need to obtain a work permit.

Prague has an amazing public transportation system. You can literally get anywhere in Prague by using either the metro, tram or bus.

Beer is cheaper than water in Prague.

If you want a real work-life balance – Prague is the place to be.

Meet your Prague Team Leader

Ludek Bartak

Ludek is an accountant with 20 years of extensive in providing full accounting, payroll and tax services to different companies. He practises consulting in the area of establishing or liquidating companies, acquisitions and mergers.

A dedicated individual who knows the ins and outs of the accounting and takes the extra mile to provide a satisfactory service to his stakeholders. A direct and open person who provides a detail plan regarding the business.