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Relocation and Shipping | London

Gerson Relocation Assists Expats Moving To UK By Offering

  • Pre-relocation support services such as coordinating immigration services and cultural and language training.
  • Program to track important milestones and deadlines such as shipping timelines and visa expiration.
  • Experienced consultants to find the most suitable schools and housing for expats.

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Relocation and Shipping
Tony Dullaghan-Stone

London E-Team

Group Leader

Relocation & Shipping for Expats in London

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Relocating to a new city may seem stressful, but the right relocation provider will make the move easier and assist with settling into your new home city.

Relocation doesn’t have to be a daunting process, Gerson Relocation will help you relocate to the UK with the utmost care and quality.

For over fifty years, Gerson has been providing expats with flexible relocation services tailored to their individual needs.