Global International Relocation

Relocation and Shipping | Lisbon

Global International Relocation Assists Expats with:

  • International moving
  • Relocation and immigration
  • Property services
  • Special transport for pets and works of art
  • Storage and temporary custody of assets
  • File management

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Relocation and Shipping
Rosanna Veglia

Lisbon E-Team

Group Leader

Relocation & Shipping for Expats in London

Reaching the leadership of the Portuguese International Mobility market, Global International Relocation offers high-quality services in the areas of international moving, relocation and immigration, property services, special transport for pets and works of art, excess baggage service, storage and temporary custody of assets, and file management.

They support the mobility of corporate expatriates – whose businesses are in the process of internationalisation, as well as private individuals and their families, involving immigration and/or emigration processes.

Global International Relocation is the most certified company to operate in this sector in Portugal, being the only national company to integrate OMNI, pioneers in quality certifications ISO 9001 and 14001, the first Portuguese company to obtain the FIDI FAIM PLUS certificate, the highest-graded international certificate, the only company with a LACMA Certified Packers distinction. They also have the SME Leader and SME Excellence statute (IAPMEI).