Relocation Vietnam

Relocation | Ho Chi Minh 

Relocation Vietnam Assists Expats In

  • Home and school search
  • Immigration
  • Settling-in
  • Pet relocation
  • Short-term rental furniture
  • Cross cultural training

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Stephanie Ralu

Ho Chi Minh E-Team

Group Leader

Relocation Vietnam for Expats in Ho Chi Minh City

Relocation Vietnam adapts to expats’ expectations and requests, offering ala carte and customer services and consultation to their clients.
They live by “Expats assisting expats” as they provide fellow expats with essential services for a smooth integration: immigration, housing, orientation, school, and more.
All of Relocation Vietnam’s services are gathered in the form of tailor-made packages. Expats have the choice of handpicking the services that suit them best.