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  • Relocation and settle-in assistance
  • Corporate and commercial moving
  • Vehicle transfer
  • Logistics management

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Shipping and Relocation
Steven den Brinker

Amsterdam E-Team

Group Leader

Relocation & Shipping for Expats in Amsterdam

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Moving to a new city and a different country can be challenging to expats but moving to Amsterdam can be easier than you think.

Preparing ahead of time and arrange everything accordingly can make a huge difference and can save you from a lot of stress and hassle on your move to The Netherlands.

With 72 years of international experience, Schmidt Global Relocations and their committed specialists take care of international relocation in detail. Their personal Move Managers will take care of everything for moving expats, from planning to paperwork to last-minute requests.

Schmidt Global Relocations guarantees a comfortable move for expats moving to Amsterdam and other areas in the Netherlands, keeping clients constantly informed, working with their trusted team according to their high standards.