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Relocation Specialist | Bangkok

Worldwide Relocation assists expats in

  • Relocation
  • Pet Relocation
  • Visa & Immigration
  • Work Permits
  • School Search
  • Moving & Shipping

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Moving & Relocation
Andy Flynn

Thailand E-Team

Group Leader

Relocation services for expats in Bangkok

Established in 2004 as one of the leading relocation firms in Bangkok, Worldwide Relocation genuinely recognize the stress relocation can bring. If you have a container full of furniture, or only a suitcase full of clothes, the specialists at Worldwide Relocation make it easy.

Global moving and shipping are core to the business of Worldwide Relocation. The relocation specialists take the time to really listen to the clients. After determining the requirements, Worldwide Relocations will build a seamless relocation package. The strong team of local and expat staff ensure the client always have the best customer experience no matter what country they are heading to.

The aim of Worldwide Relocation is to provide the premier moving and relocation service for everyone moving into or out of Thailand.

Worldwide Relocation is a part of our Bangkok E-Team.