Expat Business Taxes in Singapore

Singapore is regarded as one of the easiest countries within which to do business. In 2018 The World Banks Measure ranked Singapore second for ease of doing business.

Singapore tax is territorial, meaning it, generally, taxes income sourced in Singapore.

The corporate tax has a headline rate of 17%. Some Singapore companies qualify for a reduction by way of rebates and exemptions. To qualify for Singapore tax exemptions and rebates, a company must be a tax resident of Singapore.

A company will be a Singapore tax resident if its control and management is based in Singapore. It is important to consider this when setting up a company in Singapore and to obtain advice from a Singapore accountant and Singapore lawyer. A bank account is strongly advised for anyone doing business in Singapore.

Other features of the Singapore tax system are that there is no tax on capital gains and Controlled Foreign Corporation legislation.

Proper planning and the services of a qualified tax advisor or specialist accountant are strongly suggested prior to an expat moving to Singapore.

Our E-Team member is an expert in dealing with Singapore’s complex corporate laws. We work with highly reputable tax advisors who can assist you with all your taxation needs to ensure that your business is structured in the most effective way.

CST Tax Advisors

CST Tax Advisors provides International tax advice and tax compliance services for Global Expats and International Private Enterprises.

Whether you are an expat moving to Singapore or an International Enterprise establishing a Singapore subsidiary, our team of tax specialists and Chartered Accountants can assist your move to Asia while ensuring we integrate with your home country taxation requirements.

Contact Person: Boon Tan

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