Dental Services for Expats in Singapore

Part of the usual health plan of an expat involves dental care and treatment. The question becomes how does an expat choose an appropriate dentist in a new city?

When choosing a dentist, it is important that you do so before you are in pain.

This will allow you time to choose the right practitioner for you, whose years of practice and experience is the right fit for you and your family. Speaking to fellow expats about their experience and recommendation will assist with finding your new dentist.

Health insurance providers can also suggest names of dental professionals who specialise in the area of treatment that an expat requires. An initial consultation is suggested so that an expat can engage in a discussion with the dentist.

Such consultation should be as thorough as possible, so that an expat can enquire as to the treatment options available to meet the expats dental needs and the potential costs involved.

When choosing a Singapore dentist, an expat should make thorough enquiries so as to be satisfied that they will obtain the most appropriate available dental treatment in Singapore.

Our E-team member takes a holistic approach to your oral health and will be able to assist you and your family with a wide variety of problems.

Expat Dental Initiative Pte Ltd

Contrary to the daunt on dental clinics, Expat Dental offers a holistic dental service but with the feeling of comfort in your home.

With the latest and most advance technology, they aim to give you excellence and comfort on your dental journey in achieving that dream pearly smile.

To know more about Expat Dental Initiative, please see contact details below:

Contact Person: Jena Caruso Muñoz

Contact Number: +65 6397-6718


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