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General Insurance for Expats in Singapore

When moving countries, an expat’s circumstances change and therefore new considerations arise, particularly in relation to their insurance needs.

For example, it is important to be aware of how the healthcare system works in their new home country. Will they have to take out private health insurance or will they contribute and be covered by the public health system? What health insurance policy will best meet their, and their family’s, particular needs and requirements?

In addition, new questions will arise on such matters as to how they will pay their rent and living expenses if they are off work or lose their employment in their new home country? Does the law require the expat to insure their car and, if so, for what amount and to cover what risk?

It is therefore important that an expat obtain appropriate insurance advice when moving to Singapore.

In Singapore, insurance companies offer a wide ranging set of services and products to cover risks associated with everyday life, employment and property owned. In addition, policies can be obtained either individually, for a family or a “group”, being either a company or other designated group such as an association or sporting club.

As the products and services on offer are wide ranging and each expat’s circumstances are unique, an expat would be best served by engaging the services of an insurance broker in Singapore. Such broker can provide useful guidance to an expat moving to Singapore on services and products to cover their specific insurance needs.

Our ETeam will be able to assist and ensure you and your family are covered during and after your move to Singapore