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Being a medium sized firm offering a comprehensive range of legal services to both corporate and individual clients, Robert Wang & Woo brings its costs effective and efficient expertise in providing innovative and professional legal solutions.

Within their four practice groups, being Business, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Private Clients, they have been providing practical legal advice and business orientated solutions to all their clients since 1986

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Legal Services for Expats in Singapore

Singapore’s legal system is based on the English common law as Singapore is a former British colony.

There are four pillars to the legal system in Singapore, being the Constitution, legislation, subordinate legislation and case law (which is the compilation of legal decisions by Courts in past court cases).

The Constitution sets out the rights of the individual and provides the framework within which the three branches of government, namely the executive, legislature and the Courts, operate.

Legislation is the written law enacted by the legislature, or the Singapore Parliament.

Subsidiary legislation are laws made by Ministers or government agencies or boards in accordance with a power granted under the principle legislation.

The common law is an important aspect of the Singapore legal system. This is the body of law created by judgments handed down by the Courts in the past.

In Singapore, many areas of the law, such as administrative law, contract law, equity and trusts, are largely based on the common law, also referred to as “judge made” law. Hence, in these areas of the law, Courts look at decisions made in the past and follow the principles set out in those decisions.

Other areas of law in Singapore, such as company law, family law and criminal law are largely enacted by Parliament by way of legislation.

An expat moving to Singapore will almost always require legal advice on matters such as purchasing a property, renting a home, doing a will or general tax advice in relation to their salary and earnings.

Our Eteam member is an experienced and professional law firm which will assist you in navigating the complexities and intricacies of the Singapore legal system.