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Asiapac Real Estate Services

A dependable and reliable real estate agency, Aspres is capable of catering to individuals’ personal needs as well as the larger corporation’s requirements.

Providing their services with an emphasis on a personal touch, Aspres has built and maintained trusted relationships with their clients.

With proven experience in tenant and landlord representation in Corporate Residential Services, they continue to expand throughout the real estate sector.

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Cindy Sin
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Property for Expats in Singapore

Any expat moving to Singapore may consider buying property, either as a place to live or as an investment. Without local knowledge choosing the ideal area to purchase in may be a challenge.

Key property tips you should know as an expat in Singapore
  • Appointing an agent provides many benefits such as negotiating tenancy, providing a “Letter of Intent”, facilitating payments of security deposit and so forth. They can help you navigate the complex rental system in Singapore.
  • Housing in Singapore is categorised into public and private housing. Public housing is built by government for owner-occupation, while private housing is built by developers to be sold to owner-occupiers and investors. Expats generally lease private housing.
  • Expats looking to purchase property in Singapore need to be aware of the Stamp Duty rates. All residential property buyers have to pay Buyers Stamp Duty (BSD), regardless of nationality and the number of properties they own in Singapore. BSD is 3% of the purchase price or market value.
  • Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) may be payable by foreigners and those with multiple properties owned in Singapore. The rate of ABSD is 20%.
  • If you purchase property in Singapore and sell it within 3 years, you will need to pay a Seller’s Stamp Duty.

Download the Property Services Singapore Chapter

The Property Services Singapore Chapter written by Cindy Sin, Asiapac Real Estate Services, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Property Services in Singapore.