Removals and Relocations

Relocating a home can be stressful and daunting on a person and their family at the best of times and a move to another country presents added complications to a soon to be expat.

For example, not only do belongings have to move abroad, they also have to pass through customs, where a number of forms have to be completed, some of which may not be in English. It is therefore important that an expat consider a number of factors when choosing the right relocation company.

An international relocation should be managed centrally, whereby there is one point of contact which can inform an expat of the precise progress in relation to the move.

This involves advising an expat of such matters as where their belongings are at physically and what stage the move is at in relation to customs and delivery. Does an additional form or declaration need to be completed to move the process along?

In addition, a relocator should have shipment tracking facilities with shipment status updates. An expat should be allowed to access these electronically, at any time. This will assist as time zone issues arise when relocating between countries.

An important matter to consider is whether the relocator is insured or if insurance cover is available as an option when relocating. If so, then the insurance policy should clarify in which country a claim can be made should an expats belongings be lost or damaged.

The expert and professional services of an international removal and relocation firm can cater for these additional matters and will prove invaluable to an expat relocating to another country.

AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist

One of the most reputable migration provider, AIMS also offers efficient relocation support for individuals, families and businesses.

Providing assistance in workforce mobility to ensure safe and swift employee relocation and transition, they also offer support in business incorporation, local workers recruitment and sourcing office locations among others.

Whether you’re relocating with your family or repositioning your business, AIMS will ensure a smooth and efficient process for you.

To know more about AIMS Relocation Services, please see the contact details below:

Contact Person: Jenn Tang



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