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General Insurance for Expats in Sydney

Appropriate Australian insurance cover when moving to Sydney is an important consideration for most expats.

General insurance covers areas such as travel insurance, car and auto insurance, household and home and contents insurance.

Australian travel insurance covers what might occur during the time period of the move and usually includes medical expenses that may be incurred and property loss and damage to items in an expat’s luggage. Most insurance policies require the insured to specify valuable items included in their property and luggage whilst moving.

Having made the move, and settled in, obtaining the appropriate home contents insurance becomes important. This usually covers damage of an expat’s contents in their Australian residence from fire, storm, rainwater, theft. It may also cover injury to third parties caused by an expat or their family members.

Generally, an insurance company in Australia offers a wide ranging set of services and products to cover risks associated with everyday life and belongings owned.

A fully qualified and experienced insurance broker in Sydney can provide useful guidance to an expat moving to Sydney on the services and products offered to cover their specific insurance needs. Our E-team will be able to assist and make sure your family is covered during your move.

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