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Mortgages for Expats Living in Sydney

Buying a home in Sydney usually leads to a consideration of various home loan offers from the major Australian banks.

There are various forms that an expat mortgage can take. This is because a borrower can choose the structure through which the borrowing can be made, such as an individual, company, trust, as well as the various mortgage products available to the borrower.

Mortgage brokers offer various finance products. It is important to work with a mortgage brokers who will provide you will all the options, go through all considerations required and ensure that the product is right for you.

An expat may choose to borrow from an offshore lender to buy Australian real estate in that lender’s currency. This is usually referred to as a foreign currency loan in Australia. Such loans can offer attractive interest rates when compared to Australian interest rates.

However, such loans carry risk in that should the Australian dollar value move adversely against the borrowed currency, then the repayments and the loan increases accordingly. It is strongly advised that you engage the services of a specialist mortgage broker when considering buying real estate in Sydney.

Our E-Team member are well-qualified brokers and lending specialists who can provide you with advice and guidance that you can trust.

Download the Mortgages Sydney Chapter

The Mortgages Sydney Chapter written by Alycia Inglis, Stoneturn, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Mortgages in Sydney.


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