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Radley Property

Radley Property is your “local” guide to finding the right and best property.

With over $300M transactions made across Australia and beyond, Radley Property specializes in doing the buying process for you to ensure that you get the best version of your property interest.

With trusted advisors and experience negotiators, they make sure that the process is simple for you. The least you would have to do is move in to your new home. This will surely be one of the stress-free transitions for you.

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Property Services for Expats in Sydney

Prior to the move or after having moved, an expat may consider purchasing property.

When buying property, it is important that an expat consider using the services of a buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent is a licensed property specialist who ensures that the transaction is “brought together”.

Many property sales in Sydney are “off-market”. Sellers of these properties, for various reasons, such as maintaining privacy, do not advertise the proposed sale of the property.

Buyer’s agents have access to real estate agents who are engaged by the owners of such properties to find a purchaser and complete the sale. A buyer’s agent is therefore aware of properties that are listed for sale but not publicised.

Buyer’s agents also bring the other professionals involved in the purchase together, such as the conveyancer, bank or finance broker and the representatives of the vendor. They coordinate the purchase of property to ensure that the process runs smoothly to completion.

A buyer’s agent can also provide property services for properties listed on the open market by setting out a clear purchase strategy that fits in with an expats goal and budget.

Expatland’s E-team member is an exceptional property service provider who’s first and only priority is to find the right property for you.

Download the Property Services Sydney Chapter

The Property Services Sydney Chapter written by Michael Radovnikovic, Radley Property, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Property Services in Sydney.


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