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Canstaff is a global recruitment solution and staffing services which specializes in Construction, Engineering, Civil Construction, Logistics, and Manufacturing sectors.

Aside from their local offices throughout New Zealand including Christchurch, Timaru/Oamaru, Ashburton, Queenstown, Auckland, Pukekohe, their visible global representation thru their offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Philippines, Canada and Australia demonstrates that they could work across the globe, across all levels (individual and businesses) and across all professional disciplines.

They make their business about you, the candidates and the clients. They work on providing both ends up-to-date trends in the job and business market and walk you through from employment process to labour requirements.

Canstaff is confident to provide you with quality recruits and coveted companies.

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Lisa Miodragovic
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Recruitment for Expats Living in Sydney

Expats who are moving for employment reasons often use the services of a recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency specialises in employment services. They engage with an expat in ascertaining their complete skill set and experience with the goal of placing the expat in the most appropriate employment.

Recruitment agencies are also familiar with the industry in which employment is sought. They act on behalf of clients in such industries who are seeking employees and have a detailed knowledge of the job vacancy and its specific requirements. An expat can therefore be placed in employment relatively quickly.

A hiring agency can therefore assist an expat in job placement which is suitable, appropriate and meets an expat’s employment goals.

Recruiters are usually familiar with an expats industry and current job vacancies. They can follow up an application and provide assist from the interview stage to the salary negotiation stage.

Company recruitment is a specialised area. An expat will most likely benefit from the expertise and assistance of a corporate recruiter in Sydney during the employment process.