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Established in the 1970‘s, RJ Nuss is truly a real pioneer in the field of  Relocations and Removals industry.

Placing very high regard on service quality, reliability and passion, they have been providing outstanding removal services to the Australian community for decades and is a founder member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association).

By understanding that every move has unique needs, they offer tailored and a free and no obligation quotation making sure that each client receives unique and personalized experience.

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Removals and Relocations for Expats Living in Sydney

A number of considerations should be taken into account by an expat when choosing the right relocation service. One such consideration is whether the removal professional is accredited with a professional association. A professional association sets quality benchmarks which must be met by members.

This protects their consumers as they are assured a quality service. When moving to Sydney, it is important that the removalist professional is accredited with the “Australian Furniture Removal Association”.

It is also important to consider whether the removal professional is insured to cover any possible damage or loss to property during the relocation. In some cases, a removal professional may not be held at fault when any property is damaged or lost. Therefore, it is important to check whether any insurance policies you may hold cover your property during the relocation process.

If not, transit insurance can be taken to cover risk of loss and/or damage during the relocation process. Some removal professionals can refer you to insurers who provide such policies. Some removal professionals have partners in overseas localities.

This means they can handle overseas removals and relocations, moving your property from your home country to your new country locality.

Good testimonials and an established business trading for many years are also important factors to consider by an expat seeking the professional services and expertise of a removal and relocation professional.

Download the Removals and Relocations Sydney Chapter

The Relocations Sydney Chapter written by Nigel Saunders, Nuss Relocations, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Relocations in Sydney.


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