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One of the aspects of the move to Sydney which takes on importance is whether an expat has engaged in appropriate estate planning.

Estate planning can cover a range of matters, such as the preparation of a will and testament. This becomes a very important aspect of the move to Sydney as a “home will” may not have legal effect in Australia.

Another aspect of estate planning may be consideration of creating a living trust. This is a trust which can be created during a person’s lifetime and which will carry on after a person’s death by appointing another trustee.

Considerations regarding superannuation and financial planning also form a part of appropriate estate planning for an expat. Australian superannuation is an important aspect of retirement planning.

There are various ways in which contribution for superannuation can be made. Some examples are through “self-managed superfunds”, managed superannuation funds and industry super funds.

The services of an experienced and qualified financial and wealth planner in Australia are strongly recommended when considering estate planning strategies. Our E-team member are highly qualified financial planners and will be able to assist you with all your needs.

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Tailored financial advice, professional network of financial planners, building lasting relationship with clients and a goal to bring the best professional financial resource available – are what StrategyOne Advice Network is all about.

Known for providing unique and custom fit financial advice, StrategyOne takes a deeper look on every clients’ situation in order to provide a comprehensive and a more holistic advice in achieving their goals sooner through effective  financial planning strategy.

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