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With numerous awards, Tom Gilbert, Managing Director, has sure got it for you in planning your future and being prepared for it, specifically the transfer of your UK pension to New Zealand.

Pension Transfers offer specialized pension transfer services and make your experience financially beneficial. No matter what stage you’re at, they will provide you with the right advice and products for you to approach and enjoy retirement with confidence.


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Pensions for Expats Living in Wellington

A pension is a guaranteed amount of income a person receives upon or whilst retired from employment.


The New Zealand pension system is a “three-pillared” system mainly made up of –

  • New Zealand Superannuation
  • the Kiwisaver scheme
  • private pension savings


New Zealand superannuation is a flat rate pension paid to all New Zealand residents once they turn 65.

The resident must have lived in New Zealand for at least 10 years since turning 20, with at least 5 of those years spent since the age of 50.

This New Zealand pension is paid by the government and is subject to income tax. It is paid regardless of whether the person is working or not and is not income /means tested.

It is, in effect, the New Zealand age pension.


The New Zealand retirement system also has the Kiwisaver scheme. This scheme is based on a person’s employment income.

Contributions are deducted at either 3%, 4% or 8% of a person’s gross salary and invested with a government approved and licenced member of the Kiwisaver pension scheme.

In addition to the amount deducted, the employer must contribute at least 3% of a person’s gross salary.

The scheme is voluntary. A person is automatically enrolled when they commence employment and has 8-12 weeks to opt out. If they do not opt out, then they have to wait a 12 month period to opt out of the scheme.

Funds are available to a person at the age of 65. However, a person can, under certain conditions, draw on funds to purchase a home.


New Zealand Private pension schemes are referred to as defined benefit schemes(DBS) or defined contribution schemes (DCS). A defined benefit scheme has a formula which states the agreed pension amount in advance.

A defined contribution scheme pension amount depends on how the assets acquired with the funds have performed.

These schemes are usually occupational pensions in New Zealand, offering higher contributions and additional benefits like life and disability cover.

Our Wellingtion ETeam member is a pensions specialist who will provide professional guidance and advice to expats regarding all their pension and retirement needs.