Expatland Giving Back – Sydney

Giving Provider

Expatland Giving encourages expatriates and their friends to help those in their local communities. Our philosophy is to facilitate the provision of volunteer labour, supplies and other needs to help registered charities and other not for profits.


Giving For Expats Living In Sydney

At some stage during their stay, some expats may consider helping their new local community by making a donation or being involved in local volunteering.

Certain charities in Australia are deductible gift recipients. This means that that a donor can claim a financial donation made to the charity as a tax deduction.

Some of the major charities which operate in Australia are the Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army and Compassion Australia.
Certain charities in Australia are “volunteer charities”, whereby people volunteer their time and/or goods to pass onto the needy in the community.

An example of this is Foodbank, which provides food and groceries, donated by the general public and food companies, to the needy in the community. It is estimated that Foodbank donates 35 million kilograms of food per year. This equates to 183,000 meals per day!

Another example is “The Exodus Foundation” founded by Reverend Bill Crews, which provides food, primary healthcare and crisis support primarily for the homeless in Sydney.

Many Ways to Give

The Expatland Giving Back Foundation facilitates the provision of volunteer labour and supplies and other needs to help charities in their local community.

The Foundation works with many different organisations across a year. The Foundation’s clients and friends make a positive contribution to various groups by donating time and effort to help the registered charities with their objectives.

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