Is It The Right Time To Move To The US? Here’s How To Check

Whenever people seek greener pastures abroad, the Land of the Free often tops their list of countries they want to move to. As such, it’s not surprising that about 40 million people living in the US were born in other countries, accounting for 20% of the world’s migrant population. This number will increase over the next few years, as more than one million people are projected to migrate to the US yearly.

While this can be encouraging for aspiring expats, there are many factors you need to consider before making a big move to another country. You can figure out the best time for your move by looking into these key considerations:

Learn about the local life through proper research

The stories you hear and the movies you’ve watched only scratch the surface of the local life. So, you’ll need to research for a more realistic glimpse into your life in the US.

The life of an expat involves tons of research, starting with inquiring about visa categories, residency programs, and immigration requirements. Once you’ve understood the immigration process, you have to think ahead by considering the state you’re moving into and your job prospects within those locations. It’s also important to learn about the common issues in local places, such as healthcare woes, neighborhood safety, and public transportation. These facts will help you determine if it’s easy for you to adapt to the local life, or if you should wait for social issues to be solved first.


Look at your job prospects before making a move

Speaking of economics, you also have to consider the demand for your profession before moving.

The fastest-growing occupations in the country vary based on their needs, which is why it’s best to consider moving when your profession is in demand. Companies within the private sector have seen a big demand for those with international skills because they need employees with global insights and a broad cultural knowledge. In fact, the demand for market researchers is expected to increase by 23% within the next four years, as companies seek to identify the supply and demand, competition, and selling points of their products overseas. International trade specialists are also sought after, now that more companies plan to increase their global market share and profits.


Consider the ideal age range for immigration

It’s not impossible for most adults to migrate to the US. However, expats within certain age ranges tend to succeed in the immigration process compared to others.

To illustrate, the Migration Policy Institute reported that 78% of the immigrant population in 2019 was made up of people of working age or about 18 to 64 years old. The median age of the immigrant population is 45.7 years old, which is usually the age of professionals with specialized skills or greater financial stability. But if you believe in the American dream, you’ll be able to achieve success and prosperity in the USA with a bit of hard work, determination, and initiative.

It’s not easy to migrate to the US, which is why you have to arm yourself with the right knowledge. Do your research on these key factors to determine when you can make a smooth and profitable move to the Land of the Free.


By Jelly Rose