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What You Need To Consider
Before Returning Home
To The UK




Watch the recording of this webinar where our London E-Team provide insights into what UK expats should consider before returning home to the UK.

Topics covered include relocating, property and education considerations, tax matters, financial planning and moving your pet back home with you.


Phil Oakey - Business Development Manager - Gerson Relocations

Phil has been assisting clients move back to the UK from all around the world for more than 30 years.

Charlotte Firth - Global Mobility Tax Manager - James Cowper Kreston

Charlotte manages the international tax affairs of expat clients and ensures they understand their UK tax obligations.

Sasan Lohrasb - Principal - Frontier Wealth Management

Sasan provides detailed insights in planning your financial position when leaving and returning to the UK.

Nick Foden-Ellis - Director - Starwood Animal Transport

For over 10 years, Nick has been helping UK expats relocate their pets when moving abroad or returning to the UK.

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