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Moving across borders to a foreign place can be daunting. It can be a huge decision, even more so when you are moving with your family.

Whether you’re moving to Singapore soon, or only just beginning to consider the sunny city-state as your next home, we will provide the information you will need, including relocation, tax matters, accommodation, childcare arrangements and children’s education.

Our Moving to Singapore Forum is a partnership between Expatland Global Network and Singapore Global Network that aims to provide relocation information and tips that you should look out for when making a move to Singapore.


John Marcarian

John Marcarian, Expatland Global Network

Expatland Global Network Founder John Marcarian will be hosting the Forum and will be joining our presenters as they share industry tips when relocating to Singapore.

PJ Roberts, Cognita

PJ Roberts of Cognita is joining the forum to talk about how the Cognita schools provide a uniquely global education for your children as you move to Singapore. PJ will also share the curriculums followed by each of the schools that can help you get to know more of your options.

Bronwyn Small, ED-SG

ED-SG's Bronwyn Small is joining us to share tips on how to navigate the academic realm of Singapore international schools. With more than 12 years of experience in education, Bronwyn will share how to sim plify your search for the right school.

Ronald Chun, Echelon Global Services

With his experience in banking, business development, and financial advisory, Ronald Chun of Echelon Global Services will share the top helpful tips for expats moving to Singapore.

Charlie Scott, SIR Move

Founder – Canadian Mortgage Group Corp.

Our moving specialist, Charlie Scott of SIR Move, will be joining us on this Forum as he talks about the logistics of moving to Singapore.

Boon Tan, CST Accountants & Advisors

Hear about the tax matters processes that you need to go through and documents that you need to prepare as you move to Singapore from Boon Tan of CST Accountants & Advisors.

Topics covered in this Forum include:

  • education,
  • immigration,
  • moving,
  • tax matters.

Hosted by the Expatland Global Network Founder& CEO – John Marcarian. Among the presenters are:

  • PJ Roberts of the Australian International School (Cognita)
  • Bronwyn Small of ED-SG
  • Ronald Chun of Echelon Global Services
  • Charlie Scott of SIR Move
  • Boon Tan of CST Accountant and Advisors

This webinar helps expats be equipped and well-informed as they plan their move to Singapore.

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