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Country or City?

If you’re about to join the global community of expats, our Expat Move Planner will make it easy and stress-free for you and your family.

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Do You Need Help
in Your New City?

We’ve got local teams of experienced service providers on the ground in cities all over the world, ready to help with whatever you need.

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Helping Expats On The Move

Local Knowledge

Our city-based Expatland teams bring together local professionals who have essential knowledge and insight allowing them to cut through complexity and drill down to the issues that are relevant to specific locations.

One Point of Contact

The E-Teams represent trusted and highly capable service providers, who help expats to achieve their goals before, during and after the move and start enjoying the new life as quickly as possible.

Family Support

We understand that expats often need help for the whole family to settle in to their new city and ready to help with immigration, school search, cultural coaching and much more.


Designed For Expats

Designed for You

Every expat journey is different, and every family has unique needs. Our extensive network provides you with access to the services you need to make a successful move to your new city.

Your Very Own E-Team

Your local E-Team is made up of experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges and culture you will face in your new city, and can open up all the right doors for you.

Meet Trusted Providers

E-Team leaders have assembled the best of the best service providers, a trusted network of professionals in a wide range of sectors with a track record of helping expats settle in their city.



Geraldine's Story

Life as an expat is exciting and rewarding – but it can also be daunting to arrive in a new city (and country) with little support, few contacts and a long list of services that are needed to get established. That’s where Expatland can help.

“I wish Expatland was around when we moved to London 25 years ago”


  • Getting the children established in schools is a challenge
  • Having the network, support and service providers helps
  • Seamless support before leaving and on arrival is key to a successful move
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Get Answers to The Frequently Asked Questions

5 things you need to know about Expatland

Expatland - The Book

The ultimate guide for expats who are living in, or are about to move to Expatland.

‘‘My aim in writing this book was to help expats, or soon-to-be expats, think about how they will adapt, live, survive and, most importantly, thrive in Expatland.’’


  • Develop a plan to ensure your move is well-organised and stress-free
  • Consider how to settle your partner and children in a new city
  • A guide for managing banking, financial services, legal and tax affairs

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