Foreign Exchange for Expats in Auckland

Most expats will by virtue of their move and connection with their home country most likely require currency conversion and exchange services at some stage. Over recent years, foreign currency exchange firms have entered the market offering expats a number of benefits.

FX firms are known for offering more competitive rates on foreign currency. Many also do not charge a fee on forwarding and receiving foreign currency.

Depending on the amount and frequency of currency conversion, this can lead to huge savings for an expat. In addition, they utilise current technologies, such as phone SMS messages or phone apps, to provide market news, major currency movement information and other economic data to their clients so as to assist them in making timely and informed decisions on currency transfers.

FX firms’ also provide a more personalised service, through follow up advice on queries that an expat may have on specific currency movements and positions in the market.

In an ever changing foreign currency market, it is strongly suggested that an expat utilise the services and expertise of a foreign currency exchange firm.



Providing the best and accurate currency and foreign exchange service since 1993, XE  continues to gain global trust becoming the world’s most popular currency site.

Recently incorporating technology with their vision, they have developed mobile solutions to ensure that their customers get top-notch foreign exchange service anytime, anywhere.

With modernised and expanded services to meet their customers’ growing needs, XE continues to bring reliable and accurate currency and foreign exchange services to 280 million visitors annually.

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Contact Person: Marcus Phillips


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