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Foreign Exchange


XE is the world’s most popular currency site providing the best and most accurate currency and foreign exchange (FX) services since 1993.

With cutting edge technology and a secure system, XE provides top-notch foreign exchange and money transfer services in over 170 countries around the world, and up to 60 currencies (including the New Zealand dollar).

XE assists expats in:

  • Personal and business money transfer
  • Foreign exchange
  • Essential currency tools
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Marcus Phillips

Watch how XE can help you with foreign exchange

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Foreign Exchange for Expats in Auckland

Most expats and businesses will require currency conversion and exchange services at some stage due to their connection with their home country.

Key foreign exchange tips you should know as an expat in Auckland

Foreign currency exchange firms provide a number of benefits for expats, including:

  • generally offering better foreign currency rates than banks.
  • charging no (or reduced) fees for forwarding and receiving foreign currency. Depending on how often you want to convert currency and the amounts, this can lead to huge savings.
  • providing you with a more personalised service. They can do this because they are specialists in foreign currency transfers, unlike banks who offer a wide range of other financial services.
Foreign exchange for expats establishing a business in Auckland

FX firms have the expertise to provide you with advice on any currency or market movement queries that you may have. They use the latest mobile technologies (such as SMS messaging and a range of apps) and they can provide you with:

  • market news,
  • alerts on major currency movement information, and
  • other relevant economic data that can influence currency prices.

Download the Foreign Exchange Auckland Chapter

The Foreign Exchange Auckland Chapter written by Marcus Phillips, XE, provides further detailed information about issues you need to be aware of in regards to Foreign Exchange in Auckland.


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