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Moving to Seoul

The fast-paced, fascinating city of Seoul was recently ranked the 6th most economically powerful city in the world by Forbes magazine. With its booming economy, it’s easy to see why this megacity attracts so many expats.

While in Seoul you could experience a wealth of activities; you could explore the ancient temples, see the mountainous countryside, eat the tastiest and spiciest food, shop in gigantic shopping malls and enjoy the thrilling nightlife all in one day.

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Top 5 tips for expats moving to Seoul

Home to over 10 million, Seoul offers a beautiful blend of tradition and modern lifestyle. Locals spend long hours working, are fans of active nightlife and love to eat spicy food. 

Below are the top 5 insider tips for expats moving to Seoul.

Learn the local language

It’s best to make an effort to learn some conversational Korean, as not all Koreans speak English. If you know the language, you’ll make friends with the locals faster, plus you’ll easily read some essential commuting signs or menus as the English translation will not always be readily available.

Finding a place to live

If you’re moving to Seoul with a job offer, the chances are big that the accommodation is arranged by your employer. Apartments often come fully equipped and furnished with heating and Air Conditioning. Otherwise, It’s better to find a property closer to your workplace to avoid the rush hours or long hours of commuting. Accommodation closer to the city centre tends to be more expensive.

Getting around in Seoul

Seoul has one of the best public transportation systems which you could use to travel almost everywhere easily. It offers reasonably priced, convenient and extensive bus and subway systems, with extended hours of service. Taxis are a good option and tend to be affordable compared to other expat cities. Despite the convenient transportation system, where possible you should try to avoid it during the rush hours as it gets very overcrowded.

Unwritten rules of the workplace

The Korean workplace adopts hierarchical culture; most decisions will probably be made at the top-level positions in your workplace. Additionally, high respect for elders and more experienced is incredibly important in the workplace and employees generally follow the ideas of higher-level professionals regardless of their personal views.

 Access to healthcare

Korea has a universal healthcare system which covers costs up to 50%, usually your employer also pays some part on the top of that. However, this insurance only covers general healthcare services and most expats choose to purchase a supplementary healthcare plan to get full coverage.

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