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Each year London attracts a large number of expats from throughout the world. When moving to the UK, expat tax becomes an important consideration.

The UK personal tax system is administered by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). UK taxes for an individual are made up primarily of personal income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

The rules relating to UK tax residence and domicile need to be considered in order to work out your UK taxes. The UK system of tax is progressive which means the more you earn the more UK tax you pay.

UK capital gains tax is imposed at differing rates, depending on the type of gain and in which band the gain falls when added to other income.

UK remittance laws apply to capital gains made before an expat arrives in the UK. That is, foreign capital gains, regardless of when they are made, can be taxed if they are brought into the UK.

UK inheritance tax is a tax on the estate (the property, money and possessions) of someone who has died. In certain circumstances, it can apply on lifetime transfers of property.

The UK tax laws provide for “Overseas Work Day Relief”. This is an exemption from tax for expats for the proportion of salary relating to work performed overseas.

Proper tax planning and the services of a qualified UK tax advisor or UK lawyer are strongly suggested prior to an expat moving to London.

Our E-Team member will ensure that all aspects of your personal tax is looked after. We work with highly reputable tax advisors who can assist you with all your taxation needs moving to London.

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