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  • Visa and Immigration

    What you should know

    • Check your passport is valid
    • Understand the terms of your visa
    • Register with your home country embassy

    While it may seem obvious, many an expat have faced challenges because they do not fully understand the terms of their visa. Requirement and conditions vary between countries so if in doubt, be sure to seek professional help from a visa and immigration specialist.

  • Property

    What you should know

    • Research the neighbourhood
    • Choose a property close to your children’s schools
    • Consider how you will commute to work

    Finding a suitable property is challenging at the best of times, it becomes even more so when you are in a new city with pressure to choose somewhere to live. Be prepared by researching potential neighbourhoods and how they fit to where you will work, where your kids will go to school and how accessible they are to public transport.

  • Tax and Accounting

    What you should know

    • Speak to your current accountant
    • Ask for a referral to an accountant in the new city
    • Understand the tax system of where you are moving to

    Tax and Accounting doesn’t seem like a priority when you have to pack your belongings, figure out where you will live and where the kids will go to school. Many an expat have realised after their move that sorting their tax matters before they leave is as important to avoid unnecessary tax bills.

  • Relocation and Shipping

    What you should know

    • Understand what you can ship
    • Be aware of the duty requirements
    • Seek local support

    Shipping your belongings may seem straightforward but there are many rule you need to adhere to both from the country you are departing and moving to. A reputable relocation provider can assist with ensuring you understand the shipping requirements. They can also provide local support such as searching for a suitable school and place to live.

  • Health and Wellness

    What you should know

    • Organise your health records
    • Undergo a medical and dental check-up
    • Ensure you have enough supply of medication

    Certain countries have immunisation requirements so be sure you are aware of what you need to be vaccinated for and keep a record of the vaccination. It is best to undergo a check up before you leave so your current health professional can advise you if there Is anything you need to pursue in your new city.

  • Culture Coach

    What you should know

    • Have confidence to settle in
    • Understand the local culture
    • Make a smoother transition

    Understanding the local culture and customs can help the transition to your city. Remember that visiting a country and living in a country can often be very different experiences.

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